FAQ’S -- Renters

  • Is there a deposit and how much is it?

    In general, the deposit is equal to 1 months rent. If you have poor credit, the landlord/management company may require a larger deposit and/or a lease guarantee .

  • How much are Pet Deposits?

    Pet deposits vary by landlord and by the type(s) and number of pets. Pet deposits can range from $100 up to $500+. Pet deposits may or may NOT be Refundable or may be partially refundable, depending on how the lease is written.

  • What is required to Lease a home?

    • Credit Report and/or Criminal History Report will be ran on all occupants 18+years old (Applications need to be completed for each occupant 18 years of age and over)
    • Pet Application if you plan to have a pet on the property. ( Fish, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Retiles, Rodents, etc are all considered as pets.)
    • Last 2 pay check stubs
    • Copy of Drivers License
    • If Relocating or New Job—letter of job acceptance from your employer
    • Application Fee - (cash/money order only) amt will vary and normally runs from $35—$50 for a single person or occupants with different last names. Married couples can range from $35-$75.
    • Deposit - Certified Funds Only made payable usually to owner/management company. Deposit amount is usually the same as the rent, but it can vary Deposit is due at the time your application and lease is approved and signed by all parties.
    • Pet Deposit must be paid to the landlord/mgt co in certified funds as well. It is usually due at the same time as the lease deposit.
    • 1 months rent is due on or before Move-in and release of keys. Regardless of what day you move in, 1 full months rent must be paid by certified funds and made payable to the Listing Real Estate Office unless otherwise instructed. If your lease starts on any other day than the first, your seconds months rent payment will be pro-rated from the move-in date as stated on your lease.

  • Will the landlord clean the carpets, paint or make any repairs?

    It will depend on the landlord/mgt co. These items should be addressed preferably before you make an application to save you time and money.

  • Will the landlord let me paint the rooms?

    Any requests should be addressed before you move forward with an application. Occasionally landlords will allow you to paint as long as they approve the colors or if you return the walls to the original or approved color.

  • What is something breaks during the lease and who pays for it?

    Anytime your homes needs to be repaired, you must contact the landlord or the contact person per the lease. The landlord/contact will advise you on how the repair will be handled. Your lease should also state how the repairs are handled and paid for. Many leases have a repair deductible and trip fee if you fail to make your home available as agreed for the repair to be made. Depending on the nature of the item and why it needs to be repaired, the tenant or landlord could be fully responsible. Check your lease for the specifics.